The association of political consultants Africa welcomes you to the 3rd Afnca Political Summit. This year's event will be held under the theme.

"Building Strong Democracies In Africa"

and will attract elected officials and public affairs professionals from Africa and across the globe, and build on the success of previous events in Cape Town and Lagos respectively.

This event offers an opportunity for participants to share knowledge and learn from industry players, network with participants from different parts of the world, and have fun.

We have lined up fantastic activities during the event which include panel discussions, visiting Nairobi Animal Orphanage, visiting parliament, Gala Dinner among others.

We hope that you will find the event interesting and that in the end you will learn and be able to apply it in your own unique political environment.

We all desire to have stable democracies across the world and it is our duty to be part and parcel of the process  of  building strong institutions and systems  that embrace and cherish democratic values and ideals.

We also take this opportunity to invite political consultants and public  affairs professionals to join APC-Africa as members.

Once again welcome to the 3rd Africa Political Summit and thank you for being part of this event. Sincerely,


Kipngeno Duncan



It is with great excitement that I welcome all participants to another feast of innovations in campaign management and perspectives in political consultancy served by the Association of Political Consultants-Africa.

 We stand by all citizens in Africa turned into victims through abuse of state power

President APC-Africa Kehinde Bamigbetan

 The Third Africa Political Summit comes up at a time that politics- the laboratory of our collective research continues to manifest differences in the behaviour of human beings in the quest to acquire power, maintain power and exit from power.

The fluidity of these processes is often obstructed and sometimes choked by clogs, human and material, threatening to undermine the system and undo years of progress in making suffrage the civil method effecting transition and enthroning the franchise as a right of all adult citizens.

The provisions for the right of the press, as the fundamental human right of every citizen to participate in taking decisions over how to raise and distribute the commonwealth have been under serious siege.  We stand by all citizens in Africa turned into victims through abuse of state power. We pledge to speak in their defense at all times.

The need to build the institutions which nurture, strengthen and develop democracy has never been more urgent, more crucial, and more critical than now. If African communities are going to address their developmental challenges, they must be able to recruit leaders whose emotional intelligence and clear vision lead to a society that leaves no one behind.

The theme of this conference, Building Strong Democracies, responds to the emergency in the politics of Africa and challenges our expertise and resourcefulness as the specialists to think outside the box and recommend the low hanging fruits that can take us out of this quagmire.

So put on your thinking caps, throw away the boxes and let ideas roam.

You’ve got our ears!


Kehlnde Bamigbetan
President APC-Africa