Happy New Year

From the secretariat of the Association of Political Consultants-Africa,  I welcome you to the year 2022.

The year 2021 ended with a lot of anxiety across the world because of what it promised but could not solve. Vaccine production to combat the spread of Coronavirus was a major element of the promise. However, with citizens still scared after taking three jabs and reports of more deaths, it is clear that the task to overcome COVID-19 and return to normal life has not been achieved.

This lingering encounters with the deadly virus has caused countries to protect their citizens by introducing protocols which impede travel, a regular feature of the political consultancy business.

This year, APCA seeks to advocate for special consideration for political consultants and engage immigration authorities on the need to facilitate the work of consultants as they fly in and out of countries to help clients secure victory in elections/

WE hope to host the fun-filled and spectacular Political Summit in Senegal this year in a way that will scale up the feats fixed at the Lagos,( 2017),  Nairobi (2018) and Addis Ababa ( 2019) summits.

To hold our regional conferences of the State of Democracy, we shall be seeking funding and partnership opportunities with organisations with mutual objectives.

Please keep in touch by visiting and contributing to the website/ We can always learn from each other!

Happy New Year