#4th Africa Political Summit -Ethiopia


Association of Political Consultants – Africa was inspired by the need to create a regional response to the growing trend of organising political consultants around the globe.

Recognizing the roles that organisations such as the International body, IAPC ( International Association of Political Consultants), the American Association of Political Consultants(AAPC) and the European Association of Political Consultants(EAPC) are playing in deepening democracy and providing networking opportunities, the APCAfrica seeks to nurture political consultancy to enhance the quality of electoral practice and political management in Africa.

This involves research and dissemination of knowledge on the skills -set of consultants such as polling, fundraising, campaign management, media management and all other activities relating to the management of the democratic process in Africa.

Association of Political Consultants – Africa is a platform created to promote, sustain and foster better political consulting practices in the continent and also to provide a forum for the exchange of ideas and views on principles and techniques of politics, political campaign and Government relations.

Association of Political Consultants – Africa accomplishes this by bringing together members at its monthly/annual meetings to exchange views and information about political development and other democratic processes.